Meet the Hitched Team: Master Stylist Kelly Jenkins of Fringe Studio



Hitched: What first interested you in becoming a hair stylist?

Kelly Jenkins of the Fringe StudioSince a young age, I’ve had a strong interest in hair styling. From an even younger age, I had a deep passion for art. I believe my passion for art was the motivation when beginning my professional career in Hair Designing. I began styling people for special occasions as young as 13 years old. I realized then that I could create art through styling hair. From then on, bridal, special occasion, and formal styling have been the driving force in my career. Meeting new people, getting to know each individual client, and creating a relationship is such a rewarding part of being a Hair stylist. More so than I could have ever imagined.


H: How long have you been serving bridal clients for wedding day hair and updos?

KJ: My wedding styling started long ago when I would style the flower girls in our family weddings, but I have been professionally styling bridal parties for about 8 years, and I hope to be closely involved with weddings for the rest of my career.


H: How would you describe your esthetic style?

KJ: When describing my hair dressing style, it’s all over the board. I melt for an antique or vintage look, but I also love a challenge. Avant-garde styling is a huge part of my craft, but I always say you can never go wrong with a classic look! I have a huge respect for all aspects of styling, and I love learning new techniques and creating my own.


H: What training, certifications, awards, or other honors have you and your salon earned?

KJ: I’ve trained in hands-on styling with top stylists from high end product lines. Including: Bumble and Bumble, Joico, Aquage, and Wella. I also participate in as many bridal shows as I can throughout the year to keep my bridal styling on point. I’ve also been told by many clients that I have the gift of really listening. Just by truly listening to the ideas and concerns our clients have, can really help use our abilities to their fullest potential. People truly appreciate that, and won’t forget it.


image_1H: What do you enjoy most about styling brides’, bridesmaids’, and mothers’ hair on the wedding day?

KJ: I love formal styling, and I feel my best work has come from bridal styles. It’s such an exciting time for my bridal clientele, and I feel most passionate about formal styling, so it’s a great match. Also, the trust they put in me to make them look and feel beautiful on their very special day really creates such a connection. A unique feeling of nervousness and excitement, with so much happiness and commotion all at the same time really is a perfect blend. What’s not to love?!

H: What is the most important consideration ladies should make when hiring a salon for their wedding day?

KJ: Receiving a great reference about a service provider. I also feel a first-hand reference is so important. When I hear from a Bride how happy someone else was from choosing my services, or that I came highly recommended from a wedding I serviced prior, it really makes what I do that much better and more important to me. A reference can make it or break it, and I feel it’s a very important consideration.

H: What’s the question I’m not asking you but you wish I would, or What’s the question that clients usually don’t ask you but you wish they would?

KJ: All questions are important, and I enjoy throwing my ideas around. It’s important to hear everyone’s opinions and concerns, and learn from other people’s views.


H: What do you look for in a great wedding vendor “dream team?” Tell us why you’re excited to be working as part of this team.

KJ: I look for super creative and anxious people. People who are so excited about their profession that everyone can’t wait to begin the process. It’s so great to bounce ideas off of each other and create things together. When you have a group of super passionate people all putting their everything into the same goal, it can only end up phenomenal. I’m very excited to be a part of the ‘Hitched’ team, and feel very fortunate to be able to share my talents with such an awesome cause!

imageAbout Kelly Jenkins: I’m Kelly Jenkins, a mom to an amazing little boy, and a wife to the greatest man ever. I’ve been a licensed Hair Designer for about 8 years, and recently obtained my Managing license. I’m a practitioner of yoga, and enjoy all aspects of art. I feel like everyone I get to work with is a new canvas. There aren’t many things I love more than special occasion hair styling, especially bridal, and I love creating fabulous looks for all my brides. I’m so happy to be part of such a creative industry, and I’m excited to see where my career will take me!

Guess Who’s Getting Hitched!


On behalf of the entire Hitched Team, it is our pleasure to congratulate Miss Samantha Tippel and Mr. Benjamin Cook of Hartville — they’re getting Hitched!

Samantha and Ben: your story of struggle, love, and the American Dream touched our hearts, and we are very pleased to offer you our gifts of service in honor of your love.

See their reaction to finding out that they’re not “finalists” — they’re THE Hitched Couple!

Hitched Announcement from Brendan Sandham on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Sandham Films for filming and producing this video.

Meet the Hitched Team: Cinematographer Brendan Sandham of Sandham Films

Brendam Sandham at Work.  Photo by Ban and Jodi Photography.

Brendam Sandham at Work. Photo by Ban and Jodi Photography.

Hitched: What first interested you in being a wedding videographer?

Brendan Sandham of Sandham Films: I’ve always loved to tell stories. I’ve been making films since I was young and first received permission to use my parents’ VHS camcorder. I made sci-fi films, westerns, and news broadcasts. It was then that I really began to understand the language of film and its power as a storytelling medium. In college I made student films, and after graduation worked as a cameraman and a video technician. I continued making short films, and even had one screen in Hollywood!

I shot a few weddings, but ultimately found them to be bland and boring. I set up a camera in the back of the church, and I would edit in some of the speeches and dancing from the reception.

But when I was introduced to the concept of presenting a wedding day as a story, and framing the film around a narrative, I was hooked. It’s a very different way to think about a wedding video, and I love that I can offer something that is filled with so much emotion and meaning.

Cheers!  A Still from One of Sandham Films' Productions.

Cheers! A Still from One of Sandham Films’ Productions.

Hitched: How long have you been a wedding cinematographer?

Brendan Sandham: Over ten years.

Hitched: How would you describe your cinematographic style?

Brendan Sandham: Cinematic. Not to get overly technical, but they are shooting movies and television shows on the same equipment that we use, and we are careful to match our camera settings to those seen in multi-million dollar productions. We’re also meticulous about lens choices, camera moves, and shooting angles. I love it when someone sees one of our films for the first time and says, “Wow, it looks like a real movie!” It is! That’s exactly how I view it.

A Still from One of Sandham Films' Productions.

A Still from One of Sandham Films’ Productions.

Hitched: What special training, certifications, awards, or other honors establish you as an expert in your field?

Brendan Sandham: I majored in Communication Studies with an emphasis in video production, and I’ve studied storytelling extensively. I worked high profile events for many years, and have filmed presidents, world leaders, and other celebrities. I’m an award winning stage director. I’ve had short films featured in festivals and have been on both sides of the camera on some major Hollywood productions (if you pause in just the right place, you can see me in The Avengers!)

A Still from One of Sandham Films' Productions.

A Still from One of Sandham Films’ Productions.

Hitched: What do you enjoy most about being a wedding cinematographer?
Brendan Sandham: I love finding the story. Sometimes it’s how the couple met. Sometimes it’s told by a friend or a loved one. Sometimes it appears in a place I least expect it. But it always appears and becomes the narrative thread for the film. I love finding that and bringing it to the forefront.
Hitched: What is the most important consideration couples should make when hiring a cinematographer or videographer for their wedding ceremony and/or reception?

Brendan Sandham: First and foremost, you need to look at the quality of the work. Look at past films. Do they hold together? Are they shot well? Is the music properly licensed? Beyond those basics, you need to make sure that you are comfortable with your cinematographer on a personal level. If you have a good report, it will lead to a better film.

A Full-Length “Trailer by Sandham Films.  “Matt and Alison” from Sandham Films on Vimeo.

Hitched: What’s the question I’m not asking you but you wish I would, or What’s the question that clients usually don’t ask you but you wish they would?

Brendan Sandham: I usually shoot with a team of three, and I’ve seen a lot of eyes get very, very wide when I mention that fact. Ask me how that works! Folks worry that we will be in the way, or obtrusive, but that’s rarely verbalized.

The truth of the matter is that we are pretty ninja-like. Every wedding we’ve shot, and I can say this without exaggeration, someone from the bridal party has said some variation of, “We barely noticed that you were there.” I went to say goodbye to a bride and groom at the end of their reception. They had a puzzled look on each of their faces. “We thought you left over an hour ago!” Nope, we were still there, filming away!

A Still from a Sandham Films' Production.

A Still from a Sandham Films’ Production.

Hitched: What do you look for in a great wedding vendor “dream team,” and what are your colleague pet peeves? How can your “co-workers” help you, hurt you, or irritate you throughout the day? Tell us why you’re excited to be working as part of this team.

Brendan Sandham: My “dream team” would include vendors I’ve worked with in the past and so understand how they work. Then I can anticipate how the wedding will flow and not need to spend time speaking with the other vendors to find out how they will run their part of the day. But until that rapport is built up, the absolute best thing another vendor can do is to have a positive, can-do attitude – we love problem-solving and anticipate it as part of the job, and we hope the other vendors do to (though, of course, we’d always love a seamless wedding!). I’m excited to be part of this team, because all of the vendors are consummate professionals who are on top of their games!


Brendan Sandham of Sandham Films

About Brendan Sandham: Brendan Sandham has been producing films for over a decade, and specializes in cinematic wedding films. He also creates films for clients in a wide variety of industries, and samples of his work can be found at

About Sandham Films: Sandham Films, established in 2013, produces cinematic wedding films which get to the heart of a couple’s wedding day, as well as to the heart of audiences for years to come. Based in Chardon, OH, Sandham Films is owned by filmmaker Brendan Sandham.


Meet the Hitched Team: Designer Laura Lynn Smith of A Bride’s Design Bridal Boutique


Hitched: What first interested you in owning a bridal boutique?

Laura Lynn Smith of A Bride’s Design: I started sewing and designing at a very young age. I made all sorts of crafty item and started selling them at craft shows at the age of eight.

H: How long have you been serving weddings?

LS: 17 years

H: How would you describe your gown selection’s style?

LS: elegant and timeless


H: How have you prepared for your career as a wedding fashion designer and curator of wedding gowns? 

LS: An honored and featured graduate of The Shannon Rodgers & Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design at Kent State Univ; 1st place in senior design contest with bridal line – Trained in marketing and visuals at Bloomingdales at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN – Mentored by Disney Sr. Creative Costume Designer – Made 72 costumes for the Canton Ballet production of The Wizard of Oz – Designed and constructed 8 original 3-D patterns of Candy Confetti for Bonne Bell Inc. – Interned with Lee Ann Belter, Toronto’s top bridal designer -Featured in Seventeen Magazine as a top ten designer for Zum-Zum – As a junior in college my bridal gown creation won the Simplicity Pattern bridal gown contest resulting in $1000, air travel and 2 day stay at NY City headquarters; pattern became their best seller for the next five yrs.- Recipient of the Frances Kliebacker Endowed Scholarship – Designer for Simplicity, Bonne Bell and Jo-Ann Fabrics – Won Fox 8 Hot List as Cleveland’s best bridal shop for the last three years – designed for red carpet celebrities at the Grammy Awards – Bridal designs are sold internationally – designed gown and tuxedo for national TV commercial


H: What do you enjoy most about helping a bride “say ‘yes’ to the dress?”

LS: Making the bride feel beautiful about herself.


H: What is the most important consideration a bride should make when choosing a gown — and a dress shop — for her wedding?

LS: Expertise in deciding upon a dress that will express the brides own unique style from modern sophistication to a classic or vintage look yet lend itself in achieving the perfect fit.

View More:

H: What do you look for in a great wedding vendor “dream team?” Tell us why you’re excited to be working as part of this team.

LS: People with a good reputations who follow through.


About Laura Lynn Smith and A Bride’s Design: Owner, Laura Smith received her BA in Fashion Design at Kent State University in 2002. Immediately following in 2003, she opened A Bride’s Design due to her passion for classic elegance, sophisticated styles and exquisite knowledge of fabrics and laces. For the past 17 years she has had the pleasure of assisting thousands of brides in discovering their dream wedding gown. Providing exceptional service, and designing, with a personal touch, to ensure every bride has a charming and unique experience is essential to Laura. She specializes in custom bridal wear and freelance design, thus providing a couture look for an affordable price.


Meet the Hitched Team: Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey, and Lighting Designer Anna-Jeannine Herman of Something New Entertainment

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Meet the Hitched Team: Beelicious Bakers Jenny Bachelor and Jenny Bowles of JennyBees Sweets


Hitched: What first interested you in making desserts?

Jenny Bachelor & Jenny Bowles of JennyBees Sweets: We both have a passion for baking since we planned our own weddings and created our own edible favors. By doing what we love while putting smiles on our customers faces we both feel more than satisfied with our chosen career path.


H: How long have you been serving weddings?

J&J: We have been providing sweets for several weddings since our business first opened February 2013 and before the business started we have catered our family and friends events.


H: How would you describe your style?

J&J: Our style ranges from simple and sweet to gourmet, one-of-a-kind treats you wont find anywhere else.


H: What special training, certifications, awards, or other honors establish you as an expert in your field?

J&J: Jenny Bowles graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s degree from the Hospitality Program and a minor in business and has been working in the hospitality industry since 2005. Jenny Bachelor comes from a family full of bakers and has been practicing since she could walk.


H: What do you enjoy most serving wedding clients?

J&J: Being a part of each Bride and Groom’s special day and helping them create their dream wedding.


H: What is the most important consideration couples should make when hiring bakery for their wedding reception?

J&J: Quality, comfort and security. If you aren’t comfortable and completely relaxed with your wedding vendor then you should re-evaluate the situation. Make sure that when you find a service provider that you feel a good connection and you can be comfortable just being yourself and vice versa.


H: What do you look for in a great wedding vendor “dream team,” and what are your colleague pet peeves? How can your “co-workers” help you, hurt you, or irritate you throughout the day? Tell us why you’re excited to be working as part of this team.

J&J: Qualities in a wedding vendor “dream team” would have to be cooperation, support, and awesome work ethic. Jenny and I are both perfectionists so sometimes we tend to over-analyze or criticize each others work. This can be frustrating but we like to look at each others different point of view so we can see each situation from all angles and come up with the perfect ending. At the end of the day we always end up hugging-it-out and leave on a sisterly note! We are both super excited to be a part of this team wedding event so that we can make a difference in at least two peoples lives. We want to help encourage people to be more willing to support others and lend a helping hand when they can and this is our first step in the wedding industry.


Jenny Bachelor & Jenny Bowles and JennyBees Sweets: The Jennys met in 2nd grade and have remained friends since. We have seen each other grow up, get married, and have children. While clicking through some Facebook pictures, we realized we both had a talent for baked goods and decided to expand our horizons and build a business together. Since the beginning of 2013, while working everyday, we have been able to master several recipes, decorating techniques and business procedures. We have a private kitchen in which we have been practicing new ideas and baking for our customers. And with the business and support of our customers, we plan to buy a store front as soon as it is possible. We are a home bakery that concentrates on special events while bringing you, your family and friends the best quality product possible. JennyBees Sweets, LLC. offers you traditional goodies, along with Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan and Low-Sugar products. We realize it is hard for everyone to find a sweet-treat that meets their dietary needs and we will be more than happy to work with you to curb your sweet tooth cravings.

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