Hitched Featured on NewsNet5 Cleveland

Samantha, Jodi, and Ben, during their interview session with NewsNet5.  Photobomb courtesy of WEWS Multimedia Journalist Brian Archer.

Samantha, Jodi, and Ben, during their interview session with NewsNet5. Adorable photobomb courtesy of WEWS Multimedia Journalist and Broadcasters Hall of Fame Inductee Brian Archer.  What a Great Team!!! Photo by Ben and Jodi Photography.

Yesterday afternoon, our Hitched Bride (Samantha Tippel) and our Founders (Ben Hall and Jodi Jacobson of Ben and Jodi Photography), met with Reporter Deborah LeeMultimedia Journalist Brian Archer, and the team from WEWS ABC News Channel 5 to talk about Hitched.

Shortly after 5:00 PM, WEWS posted a teaser on their Facebook page, and during the 6:00 PM News, they aired a short piece about Hitched!

Check it out:

Watch the video and read the full story, on the WEWS website.

A very special thanks to Deborah Lee and to the entire team at WEWS for noticing our project!  As the story mentioned, we are still looking for a tuxedo shop and a licensed bartender to donate their talents to our cause!

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Meet the Hitched Team: Event Coordinator Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter & Elegance Wedding & Event Planning

Hitched: What first interested you in coordinating weddings?

Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter & Elegance: Wedding & Event Planning: I have been obsessed with weddings since I was twelve years old, and watched Lady Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles. I love everything about weddings, parties and other special events. I love making other people’s dreams come to life!

H: How long have you been coordinating weddings?

KL: I have been in the wedding industry since 2000.

H: How would you describe your style?

KL: My personal style is classic and comfortable. I carry that over into my business. My meetings are never stuffy or formal. Many times, I will sit down to a lunch or dinner meeting. I try to keep the mood light, but rest assured, we are getting work done!


H: What special training, certifications, awards, or other honors establish you as an expert in your field?

KL: I have been in the industry for several years. I take business webinars and go to conferences when I am able to. Continuing education is very important. I attend industry networking events to interact with other wedding and business professionals, as you never know where your next client or referral will come from. In 2013, I had the honor of meeting Ms. Linnyette Richardson-Hall from Baltimore, who has been featured on several seasons of “Whose Wedding is it Anyway”, and Mr. David Tutera. I have participated in several bridal shows, as it’s a good way to get your name out there. I will continue to do that more this year. I moderate several internet message boards relating to wedding and event planning, and update my blog and twitter account regularly.


H: What do you enjoy most serving wedding clients?

KL: I enjoy making my clients happy. To know at the end of the day, I have done my best work for them, to see them smile, makes it all worthwhile.

H: What is the most important consideration couples should make when hiring a service provider in your field for their wedding ceremony and/or reception?

KL: Find the vendor that “fits” you. A vendor such as a wedding planner or photographer will be spending lots of time with you, before, during and after the wedding. You don’t want someone hanging around you that you can’t tolerate. Personality is a big part of the equation. You will want someone who will guide you as much or as little as you need through the planning process, offering advice when needed. Price range is an important, but secondary necessary quality to look for in a vendor. You want to get the best value for your money, but that doesn’t always mean the lowest price. Quality of services is what you really want.


H: What’s the question I’m not asking you but you wish I would, or What’s the question that clients usually don’t ask you but you wish they would?

KL: Quite possibly, “What would I do if I had an unlimited budget for an event?” I would be over the moon! I have so many ideas for great events, but sometimes it isn’t possible to execute all of them. Budget comes first. That’s the challenge of being an event planner. Making the client’s vision come to life within their monetary budget. But it is a challenge I thoroughly enjoy.


H: What do you look for in a great wedding vendor “dream team,” and what are your colleague pet peeves? How can your “co-workers” help you, hurt you, or irritate you throughout the day? Tell us why you’re excited to be working as part of this team.

KL: What I look for in a “dream team” of vendors is a group of people whose enthusiasm matches my own for the special event industry, whose excellent service is highly regarded, and truly love what they do. I try to get along with everyone, so if I have a problem with a vendor, I will try to resolve it quietly, and in a civil fashion. I love to meet and work with new people, and I am more than willing to help others out. As a part of this event’s dream team, I know that the vendors involved will work well together to produce a wonderful wedding for a great couple. I can’t ask for anything more.


About Kimberly Lehman: I have been a wedding/planner since 2000. I am from Massillon, OH, and my clients are mostly from Northeast Ohio, but I happily travel all over the state for weddings and events. I am married to my wonderful husband Mark, and we have two daughters, Annika, who is 10, and Kendallynn, who is 2.

About Love, Laughter, and Elegance: We are a full-service wedding and event planning company. We offer many packages, including Partial and Full Planning, as well as Day of Wedding Coordination. We offer an A La Carte list of specialty services. We are happy to customize planning for everyone, and to work within our clients’ budgets. Excellent customer service is our goal.


Meet the Hitched Team: Stationery Designer Kathleen Prumo of Paper Bouquet Studio

Hitched: What first interested you in wedding stationery design? Paper Bouquet Studio‘s Kathleen Prumo: I’ve always been interested in art & design, but I got into wedding stationery when I designed invitations for my twin sister’s big day. My own wedding was two … Continue reading